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We offer a 90 day warranty from the date of purchase, with a proof of purchase (Email/Order Number/Invoice) AND receipt for installation by a certified Harley-Davidson Mechanic. We can not be held responsible for incorrectly installed pipes, and believe me, we've seen it all.

Header - If you have a crack in your header, it's getting fixed.

OUT of your warranty timeframe - Ship it to us with the below repair form and provide a return shipping label as well. We will fully repair your pipe and get it back to you in better shape than when you sent it to us.

Repair Form HERE

WITHIN warranty timeline - Email us, we’ll pay for shipping both ways!

Bracket - If you purchased a pipe from us and have a broken bracket we offer them in the PARTS section of our site at a very affordable rate, and won't make you buy a whole new system like some others do.

Muffler - If you need a new muffler, they are listed on this site in Raw Stainless. If you desire a polished muffler ONLY then get your forearm ready because hand polishing is a b#tch! Stop procrastinating and go on over and get yourself a freshy!

Finishes - We do not offer any warranty on finishes on our pipes. Reasons why: 1. Our polishing jobs are CHERRY and it’s pretty hard to mess that up. 2. We will not be responsible for climate challenges your specific geographical location has. The same way as if you decide to move in to an abandoned missile silo we will not be held responsible for any radiation you "pick up". And 3. We can not be held responsible for how you have decided to tune your bike, and how hot/cool it may run.

Warranty Return Form

DISCLAIMER: If you have had previous repairs done on your pipe NOT by Stealth Pipes Inc. fabricators, we will NOT repair your pipe free of cost. Just want to be fully transparent here. We will warranty OUR work 100%, not some other guys.

Once you've placed your order, you've set production in motion. Materials are ordered, machined, bent, etc. and this all costs time and money. So you may cancel your order BEFORE it ships, but it is a 10% cancellation/restocking fee.

Raw Stainless Steel - The welds show color, and this is as raw and functional as it gets. Pure utilitarian, raw finish, and raw power. No dog and pony show, just horsepower in the lightest package possible. If it starts to get colored or has some stains from your spitting HOG? Hit it with a 3M Super Fine pad. DONE

Polished - Amazing shine that is comparable to chrome, and turns a beautiful rose gold color with heat. Easy to take care of and keep the shine with most metal polishes, any Stainless Polish will work with enough time and elbow grease. (FYI Polishing adds about 2 weeks to ship date)

Black Cerakote - Looks killer and can be bulletproof if cured correctly. (See Warranty Section) We still offer this option if you ask for it, but expect it to add at least a week to fabrication time, and about +$300 to the raw finish price.

MOST of our pipes have been made to fit forwards AND mids. If you have a question? Always reach out. ALL of our pipes are assembled in a jig and inspected after completion. If one little bend or hole is off, it won't fit in the jig, and it won't be shipped. And please keep in mind that every bike is different in the Harley world, even if Billy Joe didn't wad your bike up before selling it to you. That being said, during delivery sometimes guys in brown uniforms think every day is shoulder day and it can happen.

We do have installation instructions as well so don't be afraid to ask (Although we do recommend having it installed by a certified motorcycle mechanic to maintain our warranty promise).

We do not provide gaskets at this time, but they can be picked up at your local dealer for around $9

Click Here to see gasket requirements

We are currently shipping 90% of our orders same week and we will ship your unit as soon as it is done, and notify you via our website's automatic email system with the tracking information. Please do not contact us until at least 5 days after your order is placed so we can get all of the components together if not already assembled. If you would like a shipping quote to anywhere outside the US to anywhere on earth, shoot us an email and we’ll get you a quote, usually within the day! Please remember, quality takes time and all of our exhaust systems are made to order, by hand. No robots, right here in the good ole' US of A Murica.

There's a lot of moving parts to this between all of the muffler and header options we offer. Most of the base model pipes/finishes/mufflers are available to ship the same week as it was ordered. As always feel free to shoot an email to check availability. If you do not see a pipe listed for your bike, chances are we make them, or have made them. Pipe demand just hasn't been high for that model in recent times. What can you do about it? DEMAND A PIPE! We'll see what we can do to get one to you ASAP.

Every once in a while we'll have a custom pie-cut pipe for sale on the site. These are so time consuming as we can only offer them on a "build to order" timeline. As for additional models, although we wish a Stealth Pipe was on every bike out there, it just isn't possible for a smaller operation like ours.

Shoot us an email at We're learning every day.